Vaginal Skin Tags

What Are Skin Tags? 

Also known as acrochordons or soft fibromas are small raised skin that grows near your vagina but it can grow on near part of your body to be frank. These skin tags appear like a small head of a pin or bumps and can often turn a shade darker than the skin around that area. There are no definite causes of skin tags but often it is seen that it runs in the family. These are made up of loose fibers of collagens, which is a kind of protein that helps in making up of the skin. 

A well spread around rumor says that skin tags cause cancer; which is not true. Skin tags cannot cause cancer but there is a certain kind of cancer that looks like skin tags. These can be treated easily if you want to get them removed. To get them removed you can consult your doctor if they irritate you way too much. Another thing to keep in mind is that skin tags don’t grow inside the vagina but near them. 

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How To Identify A Skin Tag? 

All skin tags are relatively similar looking. They look like a deflated balloon or like peeling skin. They might be of the same color as the skin or even darker. The size of the skin tag is very small, between 2-10 millimeters only and in rare cases only they grow out to be quite large as a grape.  Sometimes Vaginal Skin Tags are confused with Genital Warts when they appear flat in shape. 

What Are Vaginal Skin Tags

Small harmless skin growth around your vaginal areas are called as Vaginal Skin Tags. These small growths of skin are often movable and most often they grow around the “Stalk”. They appear to look like deflated balloons or pillows which gives them a raised look. Although skin tags are harmless growth of skin which often appears as peeling skin as well. They are also easy to get rid of and if a person finds them annoying, they can just get them removed by a doctor. 

But sometimes the location of skin tags plays a crucial role as well. Normally they can get struck in clothes or jewelry which can cause bleeding or infections too. And Vaginal Skin Tags can also cause STD-like symptoms so it’s important to identify them.  

Causes Of Vaginal Skin Tags 

There are no definite reasons as to what causes skin tags or why are skin tags caused. But scientists have narrowed it down to a few major factors seen in most of the cases of skin tags. The list is down below, 

  • Genes can be a major reason for skin tags. It is seen that if your family members have skin tags then the chances of you getting them is high. 
  • Friction is another reason seen when it comes to skin tags. Skin to skin friction or skin to clothes friction can also cause skin tags. 
  • HPV is well known for causing genital warts but sometimes they cause skin tags too. 
  • Pregnancy. The hormonal changes women undergo during pregnancy can cause her Vaginal Skin Tags. 
  • Obesity is one of the leading causes of skin tags. Obese people suffer from more friction and has a higher chance of getting skin tags. 

Difference Between Vaginal Skin Tags Vs Genital Warts 

  • A skin tag is loose and stalks like whereas, genital warts are flat and round skin bumps. 
  • Skin tags do not grow in a cluster but genital warts do. 
  • Also, skin tags are not painful, itching or bleeding but genital warts can be painful itching or bleeding. 
  • Skin tags rarely grow around the areas of your anus or vagina but genital warts generally grow around that area only. 

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags? 

But you go on and do something by yourself to get rid of them, let me tell you getting rid of skin tags at home is risky and can cause you infections as well. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor because in rare times what appears to be a skin tag can be another condition. Also, there is a type of cancer that appears to look like skin tags, hence, it is important to first get a diagnosis of it before you get them removed by an expert. 

Doctors can get rid of skin tags easily by either freezing them with liquid nitrogen or inject a numbing solution and cut the tag off with scissors or a scalpel. 

Is Getting Rid Of Vaginal Skin Tags Necessary? 

Skin tags rarely cause you any pain or discomfort and if they’re not then you can just leave them be. Occasionally they fall off on their own and you don’t even need to do anything. But Vaginal Skin Tags can be a hinderance while intercourse and it is also a concern of cosmetic to some women. Hence, if you want to get them removed, you can by consulting your doctor. 

There are four kinds of treatments available for getting rid of Vaginal Skin Tags. 

  • Surgical Removal: In this method of removing your doctor will cut off the skin tag with a sharp scalpel. 
  • Cryotherapy: Your doctor will freeze off the skin tags with liquid nitrogen. 
  • Ligation: In this method, your doctor will cut off the blood flow to your skin tag with the help of a surgical thread. 
  • Cauterization: Again, in this method your doctor will burn off the skin tag and then seal off the blood vessels with an electrical charged device. 

Basically, skin tags are small raised skin that can be grown around any part of your body. They are often darker or lighter in color than the skin around then and they appear like deflated balloons or the head of a pin. The reason for skin tags can vary from person to person and they can be removed easily with the help of a doctor.

Sometimes they even fall off on their own and you don’t even have to do anything. Do not try and get rid of them at home by yourself as that might infect it and cause you more trouble. 

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Vaginal Skin Tags - Best seller of the week -

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