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Skin tags, in general, are a small overgrowth of skin that can happen to people of any age group. These skin tags look like deflated balloons or like the head of a pin. More often they also discolor, becoming a shade darker or lighter than the skin around it. Also, skin tags don’t hurt but quite often because of their position they get stuck in your clothes or jewelry and bleed or get infected too. 

The most common areas where you get skin tags are listed below, 

  • Folds of your buttocks 
  • Under your breasts 
  • Near your vaginal or anal regions 
  • Eyelids or neck 
  • Armpits 

The skin tags you get near your vaginal region is known as a vaginal skin tag. Keep scrolling to know more.  

What Is Vaginal Skin Tag? 

Skin tags are small, harmless growth of skin that appears like a deflated balloon. They are made of loose fibers of collagen which is a protein that helps in building up the skin. There is no definite cause of skin tags but the scientist has narrowed it down a little. Mainly skin tags occur due to friction, it can be skin to skin friction or clothes-skin friction. The skin tags near your vaginal area are known as a vaginal skin tag.  

Skin tags are usually small and they resemble the look of raised skin, or warts (when they appear flat). They are harmless but if it irritates you, then they’re easy to get rid of too. But keep in mind not to do it at home, as you might infect it. Another reason is that what appears to be a skin tag can turn out to be something completely different. 

Usually, skin tags are relatively small, ranging between 2-10 millimeters only but in rare cases, they can grow really big; as big as a grape. When vaginal skin tag appears flat, they can be easily mistaken for genital warts. But skin tags with time, they generally fall off without you doing anything but genital warts, they grow into a cluster with time. 

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Causes Of Vaginal Skin Tag 

There are no fixed or definite causes of skin tags, to be frank. It depends on person to person as well and their conditions. But the doctors have narrowed down the reasons a bit to the most commonly seen reasons for skin tags. The list is given down below. 

  • Hereditary: It is often seen that if there is someone in your family who has skin tags or if your parents have it then the chances of you getting skin tags is quite high. 
  • Friction: One of the most common reasons for skin tags is friction. It can either be friction between skin and clothes or even skin to skin frictions. Generally, skin tags occur in the areas where a lot of friction occurs like your neck or under your breasts or in your buttocks as well. 
  • Dry skin or folds: Skin tags generally occur due to dry skin or in between the folds where the skin is rubbing together.  
  • Pregnancy: Women during pregnancy undergoes a lot of hormonal changes which can also lead to skin tags. 
  • Obesity: It is seen that people who are obese suffer from skin tags more than slim people. This is mainly because when you’re obese the friction between your skin increases. Folds on skin and such. 
  • HPV: This is a kind of STD which is famous for causing genital warts but often times they can also cause skin tags.

What To Expect From The Diagnosis Of Vaginal Skin Tag? 

If you think you’ve got a vaginal skin tag then we suggest you to first get them checked by your doctor. It can be that it is not exactly a skin tag but something more severe or even it can be something else which will help you be assured. The conditions that might be confused for vaginal skin tag are listed below, 

  • Genital warts: These are often confused with vaginal skin tag when they appear flattered. As skin tags cause you no harm, genital warts can cause STDs. 
  • STD: There is a chance that you might have some other kind of STDs that looks somewhat like a skin tag so it’s better to get them checked. 
  • Polyps: These appear a lot like skin tags but these are caused due to an estrogen inflammation.  Polyps can be painful and bigger in size than a skin tag. 

How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Skin Tag? 

Is it even necessary to get rid of them in the first place? Well, no it’s not. As skin tags are nothing but a small, harmless overgrowth of skin which doesn’t cause you any harm and doesn’t pain either. But sometimes they get stuck in your jewelry or clothes and can get teared off. This will lead to infections and bleeding which is not good. 

Also, skin tags often fall off on their own with the time and you don’t even have to do anything about it. But if they annoy you so much and can be a hindrance while intercourse then there are methods to get rid of them. 

There are four methods to get rid of skin tags, 

  • Surgical Removal: One of the methods to get rid of skin tags is by getting them cut off by a professional doctor with precise scalpels. 
  • Ligation: In this method of removal, your doctor will cut off the blood flow to skin tag with surgical thread. 
  • Cryotherapy: Another method of removal involves your doctor freezing of the skin tag with liquid nitrogen. 
  • Cauterization: In this method, the doctor will burn off the skin tag and then seal off the blood vessel supply with an electrically charged device. 

Keep in mind not to go all DIY on your skin tags and try to get rid of them by yourself. Get them checked by your doctor first and then if you want them gone then you can easily get them off with one of the above-mentioned four methods. 

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