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A lot of people have an unsightly growth on their skin, which is sometimes painful. These growths are known as Warts. Many people have a question of what causes them to occur and how can they be removed. Here is some insight on these warts, that could quench your curiosities. 

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How And Why Do These Warts Occur?

These warts are often caused by viruses called Human Papillomavirus (HPV). although they are a collection of cells that are caused due to a virus, they are non- cancerous. These viruses cause extra cell growth on the surface of the skin, making the outer layer thick and hard around the growth. They are known to grow anywhere on your skin, but their main trigger is an injured layer of skin. Even a small cut on the skin could be susceptible to this sort of virus.  

Warts usually appear on hands, legs, or genitals. People with chronic skin conditions such as eczema are also prone to get these warts. The warts are more inclined toward the kid and teens due to an underdeveloped immune system. Likewise, so are people with low immune systems, such as HIV, and people who use biological drugs for RA, psoriasis, and IBD are likely to get warts because their bodies are unable to fight them off. 

You should not be alarmed by the back dots present on these warts, as they are only blood vessels that supply these warts with nutrients and oxygen. 

Do They Spread? 

Warts are very contagious. They immediately spread at skin contact. If you touch your wart and then touch another part of your body, you are likely to get more warts. You could also spread them, because of the virus on your towels, razors, and other materials. 

Can Warts Be Prevented? 

Although there are not many treatments to prevent warts, many methods exist to get rid of them. You could also take precautionary measures to decrease the risk of catching warts. You could wash your hands regularly, keep them moisturized so that they don’t crack because of dryness. Refrain from biting your cuticles, or fingernails. Use clean and fresh towels, razors, as well as clothes. Always use rubber-soled footwear in public locker rooms. 

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Tea Tree Oil Warts - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagremovalkit.com

Getting Rid Of Warts. 

Warts could be very uncomfortable for people having it. If they are plantar warts, they could ache and make it difficult for you to walk. If warts appear on your hand, your activities of daily life are obstructed. They can also be painful sometimes. This is why people try to get rid of them.   

Although it is difficult to prevent warts, you can always remove them when they occur.  A lot of people try to remove them with a different method. They try to freeze them, cut them, paste a duct tape on them, and then pull it off. These processes could be very painful to one, and could also cause more infections. Not only are they problematic, but they also look ugly and make us uncomfortable.  

Instead of using such gory and tedious methods, you can use this essential oil, that works very effectively on warts.  

Tree Tea Oil On Warts: 

The tea tree oil comes from a plant called Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is a native of Southeast Queens Land and northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. The tea tree oil is often derived from the leaves of this plant.  This oil trends among its users because of its appealing smell. The colors range from pale yellow to clear.   

Tea tree oil could be very effective on warts. The locals of Australia have been using this oil since ancient times, because of its multiple benefits as well as uses. The tea tree oil can also be used or mixed with shampoos, soaps, moisturizers etc. Tea tree oil acts as a natural, cleanser and an antiseptic. 

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Tea Tree Oil Warts - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagremovalkit.com

Benefits of tea tree oil For warts: 

  • Anti Viral: The properties of this essential oil have proven to act effectively against pathogens. This helps to kill the viruses present on the wart and prevent them from spreading. 
  • Immune booster: Studies suggest that the tea tree oil provokes the immune system of the body, as well as activated white blood cells. These white blood cells will in turn fight against warts. 
  • Cleansing: Tea tree oil has an efficient antimicrobial property. The oil is being used since centuries to clean wounds.warts on hands and feet can easily spread from one person to another through touch. The antiseptic property of the essential oil will help to decrease the wart as well as prevent it from spreading.  

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Warts: 

This aromatic oil can be used in many different ways. These are a few ways that will help give you a more efficient result. 

  • Australian Combo:
    This mix requires one part tea tree oil and three parts eucalyptus oil. This blend is known to have a high efficiency when fighting with viruses. Use a cotton ball to absorb the blend of the oils. Then secure it to the wart with the help of a bandage. Repeat this process every night and the wart could disappear in two to three weeks.  
  • Acid Peel:
    This method has a combination of a mild acid called Salicylic acid and the tea tree oil. The mild oil is available in acne creams. This means that the acid has an antibacterial property. Apply this mixture regularly, until the skin starts to peel. After this, the wart will fall off. 


  • The tea tree oil is known to have many benefits, but one should be very careful. You should not consume the oil orally or it can prove to be very poisonous. 
  • The tea tree oil often works if it is applied topically, but you should not apply the oil directly. This oil is highly concentrated and could give side effects to the skin surrounding warts.  
  • If you have any skin allergies, consult with your doctor before applying the tea tree oil on warts. 

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Tea Tree Oil Warts - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagremovalkit.com

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