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As you might know by know, moles are pretty harmless. Unless you want to look pretty and there are moles on your face that stop from being so. For someone whose profession depends on the way they look, either directly or indirectly, moles can be a huge issue. Also, in a corporate environment, moles really do not sit well with the personality required and not everyone can pull off a look with them. So what to do? Simple- get rid of them in the best way possible- by using natural essential oils. Applying tea tree oil on the face is one of the most recommended methods to do this, but let us look at other methods that are commonly used.

In case you’re wondering if there are other methods available for the same, the good news is, there are. However, these methods come with their own caveats. These caveats could be the cost of the procedure, the time that is consumed by the procedures or the scars that are left behind by them.

These methods include laser removal, cryotherapy, surgical removal, topical creams and shaving them off. These methods have their own advantages, but also their own place so as to where they can be used and why.


This method involves freezing the mole off. This helps with moles that have deep roots. But by the end of the procedure, you will be left with a blister at the place of the mole.

Surgical Removal

This method involves numbing the area of removal with a local anesthetic and the mole or moles are removed with a scalpel. In this process, some of the surrounding skin is also removed and the wound is closed. Stitches are required in some cases and a scar is left behind, which fades away with time.

Laser Removal

The area is numbed with local anesthetic, just like the previous method and then a beam of the laser is shot at the moles. This destroys them and the body’s natural immunity takes care of the remaining pigments. This works well with moles at hard-to-reach places but is effective only for flat moles which do not have deep roots.


Just like the previous method, anesthesia is injected. And then with a scalpel, the moles have shaved off the skin. This works well with multiple moles which do not have deep roots.

Topical Creams

These creams are applied over the moles and the moles fall off in under a couple of weeks. However, these creams sometimes are very harsh on the skin and cause other problems to them like burning and irritation.

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What Is Tea Tree Oil?

It is an oil that is extracted from the leaves of a tree that is endemic to Australia. It is also called melaleuca oil and it has been used for decades and centuries as a natural medication for several problems related to skin care. This oil has antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties. A thing to note about this oil is that it is not fit for ingestion and must not be consumed. There are several uses of this oil and they are given in a section below.

Applications Of Tea Tree Oil

Athlete’s foot: the natural antifungal properties of tea tree oil has proven to treat and get rid of the yeast that causes this infection.

Treating acne: topical application of this oil has shown to treat moderate and mild acne within a span of a few weeks.

Fungal infections: it is also known to be an effective solution for fungal infections that happen in the nails.

Application Of Tea Tree Oil On Face

The process is very simple and you will have to follow the steps given below. The things that you need are cotton balls, bandages, and water.

  1. Soak the ball of cotton in tea tree oil.
  2. Place this ball of cotton for 15 minutes at a time.
  3. Repeat this procedure for 2-3 times a day
  4. Wash the area with water. Repeat this process until the moles fall off.

There is another technique which is similar. The steps are:

  1. Soak a ball of cotton in tea tree oil.
  2. Apply this cotton ball to the mole and secure it with a bandage.
  3. Remove this concoction in the morning that will follow and discard it.
  4. Repeat this process until the moles fall off.

Safety Tips For Tea Tree Oil On Face

  • Pre-test your mole from a doctor. Check whether the mole is cancerous or not. If it is cancerous, then get the treatment accordingly.
  • DO NOT drink tea tree oil as it is toxic. If you drink it, you might experience effects like loss of control over your muscles and
  • Tea tree oil is natural, but it can cause discomfort to many. If you see any signs of discomfort like irritation or the color of the skin changing, then discontinue its use. This is important especially considering the fact that you’re using it on your face.
  • Report to a doctor regularly to keep a track of your progress. Also, he/she might provide you with tips to make the process more efficient and also help you if you do something wrong.
  • After the mole falls off, keep the area away from the sun as it is highly sensitive. The sun can cause more damage than the mole ever did.
  • Do not mix accelerants with tea tree oil to make the process faster without consulting a doctor first. It is also recommended to check the reviews of these compounds before using them.


There are several methods available for you to choose from when it comes to getting rid of moles. Always choose the one which is most convenient for you. Tea tree oil on the face is effective because of the simplicity of the technique and the fact there is no painful procedure to go through.

Remember, even after the procedures that are most commonly practiced and recommended are finished, the pain will arise after the anesthesia loses its effect. Only the moles that are deemed cancerous should be treated with a different approach. This is to make sure that cancer doesn’t spread.

Moles do not reappear generally and if they do, you can just repeat the process to get rid of them. Also, it is not necessary to remove all the moles on the face as they are sometimes considered beauty symbols. Talk to the people surrounding you and get to know whether you definitely need to get rid of it before pulling the trigger on any of these methods.

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Tea Tree Oil On Face - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagremovalkit.com

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