Skin Tags On Penis

Do You Have A Bump On Your Manhood?

In modern days both men and women face a lot of skin related issues, some of them are harmful and some are minor. However, one of the most common skin issues is skin tags, the majority of people suffer from these bumps. Almost every person suffers from skin tag at some part of their life.

One person can get around a hundred skin tags on their body, which can be very embarrassing for a person. People usually get skin tag on their neck, armpits, eyelids, hands etc. Skin tags appear like a little bump, which is soft and made from the skin, it is completely harmless but can be annoying.

Most men do not prefer to discuss their skin tags openly, this is because some men get skin tags on their penile region. This makes it hard for them to talk about it with their friends, family, and doctor. Thus, they leave it untreated and does not get it treated.

Even though skin tag does not cause any pain and it is harmless, one should get it treated and remove it. However, most men do not prefer to get it removed, this is because they are a myth that removing a skin tag will cause more skin tags.

Well if you are suffering from skin tag on your penis and you are afraid to get it removed, then keep on reading this post given by an expert. In this article, you can learn what causes skin tags, how you get a skin tag on your penis and how you can remove it.

What Is Skin Tag?

Skin tags are a bump which appears like a small balloon, they are completely harmless, it does not cause any pain. Both male and female can get more than one skin tags, at any age, however, most people get it when they are young. Most men suffer from skin tags, because of obesity, middle-aged men also suffer from skin tags.

There are some skin tags, which eventually fell off, these skin tags are also called skin tabs. Eventually, skin tags appear to be small around 2 mm to 5 mm in diameter, which is around the one-half size of a pencil eraser. However, one skin tags can be too big around 1 cm to 5 cm in diameter, which is like a fig or a big grape.

Physician or dermatologist calls skin tag fibroepithelial polyp, cutaneous papilloma, acrochordon, and soft fibroma. All these are the medical name of the skin tags used by a physician or a dermatologist.

Don’t Let Blemishes Bother You

Where Can These Skin Tags Occur?

One can experience skin tags any part of the body, which is covered by skin. However, people mostly experience skin tags on their neck and armpits. People also experience skin tag on their gentle parts, such as upper chest, groin folds, on penis and buttock folds. Skin tags usually appear when skin is rubbed against clothes or against itself. Younger children can get skin tags on their eyelid areas, this is because they usually rub against it. One can experience skin tags in the following locations:

  • Underarms
  • Groin folds
  • On the neck
  • Eyelids
  • Buttock folds
  • Skin tags on penis

Men can experience skin tags any part of the body, however, most men get tags on their foreskin, which is embarrassing for them. Skin tags on the penis are the same as any other body parts when you press it, it feels soft and blends into the color.

Skin tags can grow at any stage of life, however, after a certain period, it stops growing. However, its color can change from light brown to darker brown. Skin tags on the penis are very common among men, however, it does not affect one sex life.

What Causes Skin Tags On Penis?

Men get skin tags on their penis due to various reason, one can say what causes skin tags based on its color. These are the following reasons, why people suffer from skin tags on the penis:


You can get a skin tag on your penis region when your skin contract on fabric clothing or underwear. The frequent friction between cotton clothes and skin can create irritation. That can cause a little bump on penis also, friction from sexual intercourse can lead to skin tags on the penis.


If you are eating a lot, then you must know that eating a lot of food can cause skin tags on the penis. Because, when you eat a lot you gain a lot of weight, which increases surface area and skin fraction.

Type 2 diabetes

Having a high insulin level or if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, then you might suffer from skin tags.


One of the most common reasons for skin tags is aging when people turn 60 the risk of getting skin tags on the penis.


If you any of your family members have skin tags on their body, then there is a risk of you also getting skin tags on their penis.

How To Diagnose Skin Tags?

We know that having skin tags on the penis can be very embarrassing for a man and can be hard to discuss with the doctor. However, if you want to get rid of the skin tags, then you must consult a doctor because he will help you in getting rid of it safely.

They can remove the bump from your penis by freezing that area, after removing they will examine it in the lavatory. So that they can find it what causes it and how to prevent skin tags.


Although skin tag is harmless and does not cause any pain, one should not ignore it and should not leave it untreated. This is because skin tags can be very annoying and irritating, also it can affect one appearance.

Some people do not prefer to discuss skin tags openly, because they feel it is embarrassing, especially, when it’s on gentle parts. Also, people believe they removing skin tags can cause many skin tags. However, one should not leave skin tags untreated, there are many methods, which can help one in removing skin tags.

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