Skin Tag On Anus

Is A Bump Causing You Lot Of Troubles?

Nowadays you can see a lot of banners on the road and advertisements on television, for removing skin tags. This is because almost everyone suffering from these tiny bumps on their body and sometimes bigger bump. Well, skin tags are a very common issue today, both men and women around the world suffering from it.

People usually ignore these bumps on their skin, this is because it does not cause any pain and harm to them. They basically just see it as a bump on the body, which is made out of the skin. According to the doctors, everyone gets skin tags at some part of their life. It is a common skin issue and it does not affect one daily life.

However, having a skin tag can be very troublesome, because one can get skin tags at any part of their body. One can get skin tags on their neck, eyelid, armpits, hands etc, people also get bumps on their gentile areas.

People get bumps on their upper breast, penis, anus, groin folds, etc this makes it hard for people to talk about it. Having a skin tag on anus can be very uncomfortable and irritating for a person, but since it is in an unusual spot, it is hard for them to treat it.

When people get skin tags on their gentile parts it is hard for them to talk about it to doctors. Thus, they are unable to get it treated, also people believe that removing skin tags will lead to more skin tags.

If you also have skin tags in your anus and you are not comfortable to talk to your doctor about it. Then keep on reading this article given by an expert, here you will learn what is skin tags, what causes skin tags on anus a how to remove it.

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What Are Skin Tags?

It is a bump on the outer surface of the skin, which appears like a tiny balloon on the skin. People suffer from skin tags due to many reasons such as friction, obesity, bad blood circulation. Sometimes people suffer from a skin tag genetically.

People can get skin tags at any age of their life, whether they are babies, small children, adult or old man. Some people have small bumps on their skin which is 2mm to 5 mm in diameter and some have big bumps, which is 1 cm to 5 cm in diameter.

Skin tags are called many things in other parts of the world. However, in medical terms, they are addressed as cutaneous papilloma, acrochordon, and soft fibroma etc. Physician and dermatologist address skin tags by using these terms, so do not be surprised, when you visit a doctor for treatment.

What Are Anus Skin Tags?

Anal skin tags are the same as normal skin tags, it is just a bump on the anal, but it can be itchier and more sensitive. This can cause you a lot of discomforts, which can make it hard for you to keep your anal clean. Because it may cause you a little bit painful when you are cleaning your anus after defecating.

Having a bump on the perianal area can be very stressing because it can be itching and irritating on those part. However, skin tags on the anal are not very big, infect it is very small, it is only a few millimeters big. If you have a bump on your penis, then you must consult with the physician, without getting uncomfortable. Because there are many diagnoses for anal skin tags available.

What Causes Skin Tags On Anus?

Skin tags on the anus can be caused by blood vessels, which is in the anal area under the swelled skin. When the swelling goes away, the skin does not turn back to how it was before. That loose skin can become skin tags and the swollen blood vessels are caused due to

  • Blood clots
  • Pregnancy
  • Diarrhea
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Hemorrhoids

There are some other causes too which causes skin tags in anus such as:

  1. Constipation: When you have constipation, you will struggle in bowel movements, it will be hard for you to pass. This straining during passing a bowel movement can affect your blood vessels in the blood area, which will cause swell.
  2. Diarrhea: Having diarrhea means you will have more than three watery stools in a day, the acidity of loose stools can cause irritation on the skin. This can cause swelling on your anus, which can lead to skin tags.
  3. Hemorrhoids: If you ever had hemorrhoids in the past, then there is a high risk of you getting the skin tags. Hemorrhoids are a very common issue among pregnant women and older people.
  4. Pregnancy: Women have a high risk of developing skin tags, during skin tags, this is due to hormonal changes. Also, most women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, which can cause skin tags.


Nowadays there are many diagnoses available for treating the anal skin tags, but before diagnosing skin tags doctors do the following test:

  • Rectal exam
  • Anoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Removing an anal skin tag
  • Removing with excision
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrodesiccation
  • Laser

Doctors will conduct the following tests before they will start the diagnosis.


Skin tags are one of the rising problems, it has been around since ancient times. But people usually avoid these little bumps on their body, this is because they do not cause them any pain and harm. Having skin tags on the body is like having a tiny balloon attached to the body.

People experience these bumps all over their body, like a neck, armpits, eyelids, legs etc. Many people get skin tags on their gentile parts like foreskin, anus, groin holds etc.

This makes lots of people uncomfortable to talk about these bumps openly with their doctor. However, it is important that one treat these bumps and for that one has to talk openly to their doctor.

Doctors can help you in removing skin tags from your gentile parts such as the anus, without causing safely. Also, they will help you in preventing from growing more skin tags.

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