Mosaic Warts

What Are Warts? 

Warts are hard rough lumps that are elevated. They occur on hands and fingers and often flesh-colored or pale. These warts later turn black or blue in color due to the presence of clotted blood vessels. Warts are skin abnormalities that are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They start off as small as pinheads, small, shiny and not very noticeable. However, over the time span of weeks and months, they grow up to become nasty bumps that form clusters. Warts are quite contagious and can be contacted if you come in contact with an infected area. They can be easily picked up by both kids and adults. Although they are harmless, warts are not super attractive to look at and in some rare cases might cause mild discomfort and pain. 

The different types of warts are, 

  • Common Warts 
  • Flat Warts 
  • Plantar Warts 
  • Filiform Warts 

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What Are The Symptoms Of  Warts 

Warts are, 

  • small, fleshy and grainy bumps 
  • Rough to the touch  
  • Start as these tiny black pinheads to nasty bumps 

It is good to look out for possible symptoms in order to prevent them with the help of prior treatment. 

  • Hyperpigmentation and skin pigmentation 
  • Clotted blood vessels 
  • Severe stress 
  • Overgrowth of nails 
  • Dry rough bumps 

What Are Mosaic Warts? 

Mosaic warts are types of plantar warts that form under the foot. Plantar warts are small growths that are found on the heel or pad of the foot. It is important to note that these warts are often mistaken for callouses. Get proper diagnosis to ascertain their state so you can figure out an effective way to get them treated. A distinctive quality of mosaic warts is that they grow in clusters and are therefore hard to miss. These warts are caused by the Human papillomavirus or HPV which enters the body through tiny cuts on the base of your feet. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Mosaic Warts? 

Mosiac warts are different from solitary warts, as they grow in clusters whereas a solitary wart is just one single wart on the base of your foot. In a similar fashion, Mosaic warts are also different from corns. The former is often found on the heel, whereas the latter forms on the top half of the foot near the smaller toes. There are other distinctive symptoms that can be used to identify Mosaic warts.  

  • Thicker skin: These warts often form a hard thickened skin, similar to a callus on a particular spot on the base of your foot. 
  • Inward growth: Mosaic warts can grow in the inward direction because of the pressure placed on them when you stand or walk. These warts have grainy fibers surrounding the callus. 
  • Pain and discomfort: due to the pressure placed on the feet, it is possible for warts to split. This exposes sensitive tissues to the outside environment. This makes it easier for the infection to accumulate and spread. Warts might also bleed and cause discomfort, which may stop you from performing day to day activities.  
  • Black pinpoints: one of the most distinctive features of mosaic warts is the cluster of black dots that surround fibrous tissues on your foot. These pinheads like structures can grow into nasty bumps if not treated at the right time and in the right way. They are like small lesions or tiny blood vessels on the base of your foot. 

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What Causes Mosaic Warts? 

Warts are caused by an infection on the epidermal layer of your skin. This infection is caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. The virus is what causes an overgrowth or thickening of the skin. This benign growth is non-cancerous.  

HPV is contagious and can be contracted if a person touches a contaminated surface. A virus like HPV thrives on damp, moist surfaces like the floors of public washrooms, shower rooms or swimming pools. The virus enters the epidermis through the cuts and breaks at the base of the foot. Unhygienic and moist feet are more susceptible to the catch such a virus. 

How Can You Treat Mosaic Warts? 

Unless it is quite severe, most mosaic warts can be treated at home itself. These treatments don’t require a lot of fancy equipment and do not follow any complex procedures. However, at the same time, treating warts can be tricky, as they are at the bottom of the foot, and it is difficult to keep the pressure off the feet. 

Salicylic acid applications:

Salicylic acid acts as a strong peeling agent by removing or exfoliating the outer layers of the skin. It stimulates the immune system to clear out the HPV virus from within.  


This method is performed under the supervision of a doctor. It involves freezing off warts, by exposing the clusters to liquid nitrogen. This will cause the wart to dry down and fall off. However, this method is not recommended for children as it may cause blisters and mild pain.  

Immune therapy:

This method uses solutions and prescribed medications to trigger the immune system to eradicate the HPV infection.  

Surgical methods:

Using surgery is one of the most direct options to get rid of warts. The procedure involves using a scalpel and local anesthesia. Such a method ends up leaving scars and might be painful. To avoid further infection from spreading, you might be advised bed rest for a week. 

Topical creams and prescriptions:

There are certain gels, solutions, and creams that can help in treating the infection. 


Doctors can use injections to reduce the size of the wart if it is quite large. However, these injections can help in triggering the immune system to fight the HPV virus but not cure it. 


In this process, laser surgery is used to burn off the wart. It focuses on eliminating the upper layer of the skin. This procedure can be painful and might leave a scar. It also requires regular checkups as it is done in sessions. 

Maintaining good foot hygiene and covering your foot in moist damp places are good measures to avoid catching the virus. Changing your socks and shoes on a regular basis can also help you prevent Mosaic warts.

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Mosaic Warts - Best Seller Of The Week - 

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