Moles And Skin Cancer Removal

The Most Effective Way To Remove Skin Tag And Prevent Skin Cancer

Summer is coming and if you are planning to go out on the beach or do any other outdoor activities. Then you might want to go to the dermatologist’s office to get your skin tested and know do you have a risk of causing skin cancer. Since today skin cancer is one of the most common cancer issues people face.

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has said that around 8,500 Americans suffer from skin cancer. Skin cancer can be caused due to many reasons, but one of the common reasons is too much sun exposure. Sun releases ultraviolet rays which are also known as UV rays, which can cause skin cancer.

Skin cancer is very harmful, there are some people who had died from melanoma, this is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. However, if you notice the symptoms of skin cancer at an early stage that it can be easily treated.

Thus, you should keep on getting your skin screening regularly to prevent skin cancer. If you have fair skin then you should take extra precaution, because fair skin people get most affected from UV ray. Also, if one has too much sun exposure in their lifetime, then he will get skin cancer at some point in their life.

Not just sun but moles can also cause one some serious harm like skin cancer. You might be thinking how can mole be cancerous. Well, not many people know that there are types of moles healthy and cancerous mole.

If you have moles on your face, neck or any other part of the body, then do not worry you can easily get it removed. There are various treatments available for removing moles and for treating skin care effectively.

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Moles And Skin Cancer Removal - Best Seller Of The Week -

What Is Skin Cancer And Types Of Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is an unusual growth of skin cells, it usually happens when skin is exposed to skin too much. But its skin cancer can be caused due to some other reasons too, however, skin exposure to the sun is a very common issue. This is because the sun releases UV rays and radiation, which can disrupt one skin cells.

Categorize Of Skin Cancers

Skin cancer is categorized into two parts:

  • Keratinocyte carcinoma
  • Melanoma

Let’s see what are these categorize and how they are caused:

Keratinocyte carcinoma

This category has the basal and squamous cell, which causes skin cancers, these types of skin cancers are very common. These skin cancer cells mostly develop on the body part which is most exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, hands etc.

Unlike other types of cancer cells, they have a very less chance of spreading all over the body and causing a threat to life. However, if you do not get them treated, then it can spread all over the body and cause a threat to your life. Also, they can grow big and affect the nearby tissues and organs, which can lead to deformity, scarring or affect some body parts.


This type of cancer develops from melanocytes, they are cancer cells which can change the skin color of some parts of the body. One can get this type of cancer on any part of their body, however, most men develop this type of mole on chest and back. However, women usually develop this kind of moles on their legs.

If one notice and identify the symptoms of this type of cancer, then they can get it treated easily. However, if they are not treated at an early stage, then it can cause spread to other parts of your body. Once melanocytes spread to other parts of the body, it gets harder to treat them. This type of cancer has a high chance of spreading compare to basal and squamous cell skin cancers.

Types Of Skin Cancer

Keratinocyte carcinoma and melanoma are the most common types of skin cancer, the majority of people suffer from it. However, there are many other skin lesions, which are linked to skin cancer. Not all of them can cause skin cancer, however, they can become cancerous.

Let’s see the types of skin cancers

Basal cell carcinoma: this is one of the most common types of skin cancer, the majority of people suffer from it. Basal cell carcinomas develop slowly, it mostly grows on the face or neck.

Squamous cell carcinoma

It is one of the most aggressive types of skin cancer, usually, it develops on the outer layer of the skin. This type of cancer cell usually appears as red and scaly lesions on the skin.

Actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis does not usually cause skin cancer, however, if one does not get it treated, then it can cause skin cancer. This type of skin cancer appears like red or pink patches on the skin.


This is the least common type of skin cancer and also the most harmful form of skin cancer. According to the studies, melanoma has around one percent of skin cancer. However, melanoma can lead to many deaths related to skin cancer every year. This is the melanocytes forms of skin cell, which cause pigment.

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Moles And Skin Cancer Removal - Best Seller Of The Week -

Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancers are very dangerous it can cause death, many people have died from skin cancer, this is because it becomes hard to treat them at a late stage. Thus, one should get the skin cancer treated at an early stage, for that it is important that one notice the symptoms of skin cancer initially. The skin cancer symptoms are:

  • Diameter: The size of the mole will be bigger than one and a half inch, which means it will be as big as a pencil eraser.
  • Asymmetry: You might notice that the two halves of the mole or lesion will be uneven and very different from each other.
  • Evolving: You might notice that the size, color, and shape of the mole will change.
  • Skin lesions: A bump, scaly patch, new mole, unusual size, sore or dark spot, which will not go away on its own.
  • Border: You might notice uneven edges and ragged on the lesions.
  • Colour: You might notice the unusual color on the spot such as black, white, red, pink or blue.

If you notice these symptoms, then go to the dermatologist as soon as possible, to get your skin tested.

Causes Of Skin Cancer

People suffer from skin cancer when their skin cells develop mutations in their DNA. Due to these mutations, your skin cancer can develop at a very fast rate, which can cause cancer cells.

People get basal cell skin cancer from the ultraviolet (UV) rays, which comes from the sun or tanning beds. Ultraviolet ray can easily cause a negative effect on the DNA, which is inside of your skin cells, this will lead to unusual cell growth.

UV rays also lead to squamous cell skin cancer; thus, one should avoid spending too much time under the sun. Squamous cell can also lead to cancer-causing chemicals, but it happens after long-time exposure.

Usually, cancer-causing chemicals to develop under burn scar or ulcer, it can also lead to some kind of human papillomavirus (HPV). What leads to melanoma is still not known, more research requires to know why most people suffer from it. Melanoma can develop at any part of the body, whether it is exposed under the sun or not.

Treatments For Skin Cancer

If you are suffering from skin cancer, then do not worry there is a treatment available for it. But the treatment of skin cancer depends upon the many factors such as size, type, location, and stage. Before starting your treatment, your healthcare will consider these factors. The healthcare team does the following treatments upon you:

  • Cryotherapy: First doctors will freeze the growth of the moles by using liquid nitrogen on it, it will destroy the tissues as it thaws.
  • Excisional surgery: After that, they will cut the growth and the surrounding skin.
  • Mohs surgery: Doctors will remove the growth layer by layer and after that, they will examine every layer with a microscope. They will examine the layers to see if there are any abnormal cells are present or not.
  • Curettage and electrodesiccation: Physio will use a long blade to remove the cancer cells and they will burn the remaining cancer cells, using an electric needle.
  • Chemotherapy: Doctors will give you drugs orally, inject it with a needle, applied topically or IV line which will help in killing the cancer cells.
  • Photodynamic therapy: Your healthcare will use drugs and laser light to get rid of the cancer cells.
  • Radiation: This might sound painful, in this treatment healthcare will use high powered energy beams to destroy the cancer cells.
  • Biological therapy: In this treatment doctors will help your immune system in fighting cancer cells, with the help of biological treatments.
  • Immunotherapy: Healthcare will apply a cream on the skin, which will help your immune system in fighting with cancer cells.

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Moles And Skin Cancer Removal - Best Seller Of The Week -

Who Develop Skin Cancer?

People do not always get skin cancer by ultraviolet rays, there are many other factors involved in getting skin cancer. Below are the reasons, why people get skin cancer:

  • Hereditary, if you have a family history of skin cancer.
  • Being exposed to some substances such as pitch, arsenic compounds, creosote or radium.
  • Being exposed to radiation, during the treatments of acne or eczema.
  • Weak immune system
  • Blue or green eyes
  • Red hair or blonde hair
  • Moles which are larger or irregular
  • Frequently working outdoors
  • Pale or freckled skin
  • Easily get sunburns or does not tan

What Are Moles?

Moles are many skin lesions, which appears like a black spot on the human body, they are non-cancerous. Having mole on the body is a very common issue, some people develop it in early childhood. In their adulthood people get around 10 to 40 moles, which people can get anywhere in the body.

There are some people who think that moles are related to other skin conditions such as skin tags, warts, seborrheic and keratoses. However, moles have no relation to these skin conditions, but like these conditions, it also does not cause any pain and harm.

The color of the mole can change over time and many people even get hair in their mole, which sometimes affects their appearance. This is because most people get the mole on their face, neck, nose, ears etc. Having mole on the face can lower one confidence, this is because it affects the way look.

However, moles are completely harmless, it does not cause any pain or harm. But in some cases, some moles require to remove with the help of surgery. There are many methods available which can help one in removing moles methods such as surgery. If you want you can remove moles by using natural methods.

Mole Removal Methods

If you want to get rid of the mole before it becomes cancerous, then you can do that by using the following treatments:

  • Punch biopsy: With the help of this technique you can get rid of the small moles and also remove the cylinder part of the skin.
  • Excision surgery: If your skin is growing suspiciously then it can be removed with the help of surgery.
  • Shave excision: In this method, doctors will use local anesthesia on the part of the skin, on which mole is growing. They will shave the mole from the surface by using a sharp scalpel, don’t worry doctor will use a small scalpel.
  • Cryosurgery: If you go to the dermatologist, then they will use nitrogen liquid on the area of skin which is surrounded by mole. They will freeze the mole and then cut it from the surface.
  • Electrocoagulation: This is one of the most used mole removal technique, surgeons remove moles by burning the mole with metal wire and electric current.


Skin cancer is one of the most common issue today, according to the recent survey, the majority of person suffers from it. People can get skin cancer due to many reasons, but one of the most common reason is exposing skin under the sun.

Some skin cancers are very dangerous and untreatable, however, if you notice them at an early stage. Then you can easily get your skin cancer treated.

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Moles And Skin Cancer Removal - Best Seller Of The Week -


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