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In modern-day skin related issues are very common, the majority of people suffer from some type of skin issue. But nowadays one of the most common skin issues is warts, it is similar to the skin tag. One can develop warts at any part of their body, it does not cause any pain or harm. Most people do not even know about warts they have on their body until they see and feel it.

However, having warts on the skin can be a little annoying and embarrassing for the people. This is because one can get warts on the gentile area such as anal. It is quite common today, having a wart on the anal, a lot of men suffer from it.

Since it is in the gentile part, it is hard for them to talk about it to their friends, family, and doctor. Thus, they leave it untreated, also there is a myth, that removing a wart from the body, causes more warts.

Well if you are suffering from warts, then do not worry keep on reading this article given by an expert. Here you can learn, what causes warts, how you can treat them and how you can prevent them.

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What Is Wart?

A wart is a small bump on the skin, which can develop anywhere in the body. Its texture is rough and its color is flesh or light brown, warts appearance is different in different part of the body. At some part of the body, it may look like a solid blister and in some parts like a small cauliflower.

There are four types of warts such as flat warts, plantar warts common warts and pigmented warts. You can also notice black dots on warts, they are blood vessels, that can cause you bleeding. Most warts vanish within 1 to 5 years on its own without any kind of medical treatment.

However today you can find numerous treatments for removing warts from any part of your bodies. Whether it is small, large or it’s in the sensitive areas, there are treatments such as

  • Salicylic acid
  • Surgery
  • Electrocautery
  • Antigen shots
  • Duct tape
  • Chemical treatments
  • Laser treatment
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Topical creams
  • Cantharidin

If you have warts on your body, then you should cover it with the band-aid while swimming or playing any sports.

What Are Anal Warts?

People can warts at any part of their body, even in the anal, in medical terms anal warts are called condyloma acuminate. In this condition the area around the anus gets affected, it also affects the skin around the genital area.

Anal warts look like a tiny spot or big spot, it can be small like the size of the pin head and it can also be big enough to cover the entire anal area. The wart will appear as flesh or little brown color and it has a black spot on it, which is blood vessels.

The wart does not cause any kind of pain and discomfort, one will not even know if they have a wart, until they feel it or see it. Some people know that they have a wart when they are experiencing itching, bleeding, mucus discharge or feeling a lump in the anus area.

What Causes Anal Warts?

Unlike skin tags, people get warts by direct contacting with another person. When human make physical contact with another person, they transmit the virus, which is called the human papillomavirus. This is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.

However, it is not necessary that one gets anal warts by anal intercourse. One can get warts in the anus if one contact to that area with hands of the sexual partner. It takes a year for one to develop a wart in the anal, which means one can get human papillomavirus many years ago.

There are diagnoses for anal wart, however, one will not be happy after seeing the diagnoses of anal warts. If you want to know how to diagnose anal warts, then keep on reading.

Risk For Anal Wart

If you have an anal wart, then there is a high risk for you spreading anal warts, people usually get anal warts by:

  • Having sex with many people.
  • Having sex at an early age
  • Having anal intercourse
  • Having a bad immune system, or an immune system, which is compromised by medication or illness.
  • Being involved in sexual activity, with people who have HPV.
  • Having unprotected sex (not using the condom, dental dam or any other barrier of protection during sexual intercourse)

One can also get anal warts from only one sexual partner, this is because condoms are not always fully protected.

Diagnoses For Anal Warts

Discussing anal warts to the doctor can be hard and embarrassing for one. However, if you wish to get rid of the lump, then you must openly talk to your doctor about it. The doctor will inquire about the whole thing thoroughly by conducting a series of tests on you.

They will even conduct HIV test on you, to check if you have a got any other sexually transmitted disease. To get rid of the lump some doctors will use acetic acid which is also called vinegar. This will make your bump white and it will be easy for them to diagnose it. But if you do not want to get anal warts diagnosed then you do not have to do it, because it can be very irritating.

If you want to diagnose the anal wart, then the doctor will examine your anus with the help of anoscope to look warts inside. The doctor may examine your pelvic region, to see if you have any more lump in your gentile areas.


People are suffering from warts since ancient times, nowadays the majority of men are suffering from warts. People can get warts at any part of their body, people even get warts in their gentile areas like in anus. Having anal warts can be difficult for a person to talk about it openly. But you should discuss your case with the doctor because they will find out the safest solution for you.

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Anal Warts - Best Seller Of The Week -

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