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Are Little Bumps Causing You Big Problems?

Skin related issues are very common nowadays, the majority of people suffer from it. However, one of the most rising skin related issues are skin tags, people are suffering from this issue since ancient times. But people do not concern skin tags as a serious issue, this is because it does not cause them any pain or lead to any harm.

Most people do not actually notice skin tags until they start seeing it or feeling it. Skin tag appears like a small bump on a skin, which can be as small as the pencil rubber. But many people can get a skin tag which is as big as a small cauliflower.

According to the doctors, every human being develops skin tags on their body at some part of life. Skin tags can appear at any part on the body, it can appear on the neck, eyelid, belly, armpits etc.

Some people get skin tags on their gentile area such as penis and anal. People who have skin tags on their gentile part suffer from a lot of embarrassment and trouble. This is because they do not feel comfortable talking about the bump, to their doctors, friends and family members.

Thus, they avoid getting it diagnosed, infect many people do not prefer to get diagnosed for skin tags. This is because some people believe, that removing a skin tag, will lead to many other skin tags.

If you have skin tags on your gentile and you do not feel comfortable, talking about it. Then keep on reading this article given by an expert. Here in this article, you can find out what causes skin tags on the anal, how one can diagnose and prevent it.

What Are Skin Tag?

A skin tag is like a having a bump on the skin, if you press it, it will feel very soft and it’s a flesh color or brownish. These bumps are completely harmless and do not cause any pain, however, it may irritate one while rubbing against clothes.

However, most skin tags do not even require medical treatments. But if it is bothering one a lot, they can remove it by using various methods. But there are some skin tags, which eventually fell off, these skin tags are also called skin tabs. Eventually, skin tags appear to be small around 2 mm to 5 mm in diameter, which is around the one-half size of a pencil eraser.

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What Are Anal Skin Tag?

Having skin tags in anal is the same as having skin tags on any other part of the body. However, the bumps on the anal scan are little troublesome, because that skin area is very sensitive. It is hard to know if one has anal skin tags until it is itchy, sensitive, uncomfortable and makes it difficult to clean that part.

However, bump in the anus are not very painful, but it can bother one a lot, also it can be very stressful. But it is hard to notice the symptoms of the skin tags at an early stage. This is because skin tags are not cancerous and are very small, it is only a few millimeters big.

If you feel there is something in your anal area, then you should immediately get it checked by the physician. We know that it can be embarrassing to discuss with the physician about the anal skin tags. But after examining it he can find the best treatment for you and help you in preventing any more skin tags.

What Causes Anal Skin Tag?

Skin tags can occur due to various reasons, but anal skin tags are often caused due to looser skin in the anus. The skin in the anal area gets lose during the bowel movements because the skin in that area has to expand to pass stool.

Also, some people get a bump on their anus, when the blood vessel near the anus swell or becomes bigger. That can cause skin tag, this is due to the extra skin which does not go away with the swelling.

Let’s see what are the other things which cause skin tags:

  • Constipation: when you have constipation, you will struggle in bowel movements, it will be hard for you to pass. This straining during passing a bowel movement can affect your blood vessels in the blood area, which will cause swell.
  • Diarrhea: having diarrhea means you will have more than three watery stools in a day, the acidity of loose stools can cause irritation on the skin. This can cause swelling on your anus, which can lead to skin tags.
  • Hemorrhoids: if you ever had hemorrhoids in the past, then there is a high risk of you getting the skin tags. Hemorrhoids are a very common issue among pregnant women and older people.
  • Pregnancy: women have a high risk of developing skin tags, during skin tags, this is due to hormonal changes. Also, most women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, which can cause skin tags.

Diagnoses For Anal Skin Tag

Although anal skin tags are not visible to others, they can still cause a lot of trouble for you. Thus, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible, so that you can find out what causes skin tags. Your doctor will conduct several tests for you and then he will use the best suitable method to remove the bump.


We know that skin tags do not sound like a big deal, however, one should not leave it unchecked. A lot of people prefer not to get their bump treated, this is because it does not cause any pain and danger.

Just like having a bump on your face or neck can affect your appearance, just like that, having a skin tag in anal can affect your daily life. Thus, it is very important that one get it diagnosed before it gets worse.

Today you can find numerous treatments, which can help you in getting rid of the bumps from your gentile parts. But for that, you must openly talk to your doctor about it, because then on they will be able to find a suitable treatment for you.

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